Fabric Love Series - Linen

Five amazing facts about our favourite fabrics

Welcome to our Fabric Love series, where I will be chatting about my favourite fabrics to use in my bow making, and why they're so wonderful. I hope you enjoy this little series and it brings some light on why I use the fabrics I do, and why they're so wonderful. This week, it's Linen. Enjoy.

For the love of Linen

Linen would have to be one of my all-time favourite fabrics to work with. It is soft, durable, beautiful and of course makes exquisite bows. But did you know that linen is a completely plant based fabric? Or that it requires no pesticides to produce? No? Then read on for five amazing facts about linen that you may not have known.

Fact 1: Linen is Vegan-Friendly

Linen is a natural plant-based fibre made from the flax plant. It doesn’t require any pesticides and grows on rainwater alone and every part of the plant is used. Linen is organic, biodegradable and recyclable. Cotton and other synthetic materials are cheaper and easier to make, but there's nothing quite like the look and feel of linen.

Fact 2: What's in a name?
The word ‘linen’ got its name from the Latin word “linum” which means “Flax.”

Fact 3: Linen has preserved the legacy of humanity
Our ancestors used linen in their homes and for clothing, and the oldest example dates back 36,000 years to dyed flax fibres found in a cave in Georgia. Other ancient evidence of linen fabric includes a 5,000 year-old linen dress discovered in an Egyptian tomb, and we know linen was used by the Romans and during the Middle Ages. The story of our love for linen goes right back to the very early days of humanity.

Fact 4: Linen is hypoallergenic
Linen fabric is great for people with allergies, particularly dust mites. Linen is also virtually lint free, non-static and naturally insect-repellent. In addition, it gives UV protection. 

Fact 5: Like your daughters, Linen is STRONG
Linen is known to be the strongest natural fibre in the world. It is 30% thicker and stronger than cotton, which makes it beautifully durable. That's why products made with linen last forever! Linen fibres are so strong that they were once woven into armor by ancient Greeks. Imagine that!


So, next time you reach for your Buttony Linen bow, remember these cool facts about the fabric they're made from. We have many linen bows available in the store for purchase... journey there to take a closer look, and enjoy this beautiful, special and ancient fabric for yourself!

With Love,
Victoria xx

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